On the 6th of June a new film festival specialised in Asia will be born in Barcelona. Casa Asia Film Week (CAFW) will be held at the Girona Cinemas of the city and at the Casa Asia Headquarters and would like to become an important cultural event aimed to spread the best cinematography produced in the Asian continent. This way, the festival, which will present during an intense week around thirty Films of different genres, takes the baton of the famous BAFF festival, which announced its closing in 2010.

The lovers of the seventh art will find titles that go from comedy to drama, at a generalistic festival that goes fom science fiction or martial arts to Bollywood cinema. The films, mostly unknown and of recent production, by new and acclaimed directors, such as the two Chinese directors who will visit this first edition: Ann Hui and Hu Mei.

With this contest the Casa Asia Film Week Award 2011 is also born, which will distinguish the best long film of the «Official Section », after the deliberation of a jury made up of experts in cinema and critics. Finally, the director Ann Hui, will receive the Honourific Casa Asia Film Week Award 2011 for her career.

This week of Asian cinema is organised by Casa Asia and includes the programme of Ángel Sala and Mike Hostench of the SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya, as well as the general coordination of Gloria Fernández and Enrique Garcelán of CineAsia. Menene Gras Balaguer, responsable for the Department of Culture and Exhibitions of Casa Asia, directs this contest.

Casa Asia Film Week, a new specialised festival for the city

Casa Asia Film Week, the only festival specialised in Asian cinema of the city, aims to becom one of the best contests of generalist cinema of Asia in Europe and a meeting point with other festivals with a clear Asian accent such as Cannes, Venecia, San Sebastián, Berlinale, Locarno, Udine Far East Film Festival, Rotterdam, Cines del Sur de Granada, the Festival of Las Palmas, the SEMINCI of Valladolid and the SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya.

Casa Asia Film Week began its creation after the announce of the organisers of BAFF of the closing of the festival. In order to satisfy the need of a public of Asian cinema already consolidated in Barcelona, Casa Asia, SITGES Festival de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya and CineAsia proposed themselves to recover a specialised festival for the city, which would hold the place the previous festival left and with the intention to maintain the quality of the programme.

This way, this festival does not only aspire to only be a platform for the exhibition of Asian cinema and to be an intermediary between it and the Spanish public; the contest would like to become a tool for the distribution of these films, many of which cannot find a space among the usual programme of the cinemas of the city. With the purpose to promote them and make their contracting easier, the contest will present the Casa Asia Film Week Award 2011 to the best film seen at the «Official Section» of the festival. The jury that will present the award is made up of the independent cultural programmer Isaac Monclús, the critic and essayist Rubén Lardín, the critic and teacher of New Audiovisual Formats at the URV Eulàlia Iglesias, Ángela Martínez, Director of the department of audiovisuals at the CCCB and Manel Ollé, teacher of East Asian Cinema in the degree East Asian Studies (UAB-UPF).

PDF Complete Report of the CAFW: Information and Films

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