Within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Conference and the 10th anniversary of UN Resolution 1325, Casa Asia in its firm commitment to gender equality, empowerment of women, the Millenium Development Goals and Peace, focuses the 7th East-West Dialogue on Gender Equality and Development.

The debates of the 7th East-West Dialogue will focus around issues such as “Gender-based violence and Health”, “Political Participation and Economic Development”, as well as “Education and Culture for Development”.  Issues that will be discussed during the roundtables include: “Women in peace processes”, “Challenges for Mass Media and Gender Violence”, “Women, Politics and Development”, “Gender and Culture of Peace” and “Gender Policies in Education”.

Since 2004, the East-West Dialogue annually brings together a group of policy makers, including former heads of state and government, pre-eminent scholars, representatives of key non-governmental organizations and of civil society from the East and the West working together for a common cause, to examine today's most pressing global, regional and local challenges, exchange best practices and engage themselves to support action-oriented policies. The Dialogue aims at stimulating reflections and constructive debate while promoting mutual understanding, unity in diversity and common actions towards sustainable development and world peace and it intends to build bridges for cooperation through dialogue. One of the objectives of the East-West Dialogue is to give Asia a stronger voice in cross-cultural dialogues which take place in the West, in the initiatives in place and in the challenges at stake. The East-West Dialogue is strongly committed to the Millennium Development Goals and the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations.

The East-West Dialogue continues its work to promote dialogue as a prerequisite tool for understanding between cultures, peaceful coexistence and sustainable development.

This 7th East-West Dialogue is organized by Casa Asia with the collaboration of prestigious institutions such as UNESCO, the United Nations Association of Spain (ANUE), with the support of the Barcelona City Council and with the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (AECID). 

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